Chris Robinson on the CRB’s ‘Cosmic-Slop American Magic,’ New LP

"I used to say what we do is 'hippie baroque,'" says Chris Robinson about the music he makes with the Chris Robinson Brotherhood – a stew of rock, blues, country, funk and soul sounds topped with a healthy smattering of spacey psychedelia and wrapped in a jam-band aesthetic. "Because we want something that's expressive and sensual and beautiful. It's like a garment that feels really

This article originally appeared on Chris Robinson on the CRB's 'Cosmic-Slop American Magic,' New LP

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Inside Asian-American Group the Slants’ Supreme Court Free-Speech Win

Five months ago, Simon Tam sat anxiously in a Supreme Court hearing that would determine the fate of his band's name. He wasn't allowed to testify or argue his case, and he wasn't even allowed to sit near his own attorney, who answered a firing squad of questions from the justices. "The court has lots of traditions," Tam tells Rolling Stone a few months later. "I guess it's rare for

This article originally appeared on Inside Asian-American Group the Slants' Supreme Court Free-Speech Win

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